Mills Support Team

Mills Motorsports is owned by Texas Oil Magnate, Gary Mills.  The team is composed of Marine Corps and Army Special Forces warriors, Navy SEALs, Firemen, Texans and volunteers from all over the United States. In 2012 Mills Motorsports took the Spec Trophy Truck Championship with an epic Baja 1000 win, proving that top-level Americans provide top-level performance.

Mills Motorsports is located in San Diego, California.  They operate from a state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot facility, filled with master fabricators and mechanics who work ceaselessly to accomplish one objective: WINNING.

Mills Motorsports owns two unlimited, V10-powered, 900 HP Trophy Trucks, two Spec Trophy Trucks, 3 prerunners, eight chase and support vehicles and a Bell Long Ranger helicopter. You will not miss Mills Motorsports at the finish line.  Just look for the TEXANS, standing on the roof of their race truck, flying the flag that says, “Come and Take it!”