Race Recap: 2019 Silverstate 300 “Safety Takes Valuable Time”

May 4th, 2019: It’s race day and Mills Motorsports driver Taylor Mills is wasting no time working his way through the pack from a 10th place start. And time is of the essence as only time can put you in a position to win. When the pace is high a cool head and full confidence in your navigator is key to gaining on the competition in front of you. Anything can happen at any moment and your next move can cost you that most desired spot that is battled for by 45+ other race vehicles. This race recap doesn’t end as we want it to, but at the end of race day what matters is our entire race crew made it home safely.


The Silverstate 300 is one of the most scenic races on the Best In The Desert schedule, but navigator Josh Huff notes “…it was kinda boring out there though. I expected some whoops some jumps and some exciting sections, but honestly, there wasn’t much.”  With little in the way of technical terrain to separate the competition the pressure would be on our pit crew to save as much time as possible.  Our first pit stop went smooth, real smooth actually. We had the blue #6178 Geiser Bros truck in and out in 28 seconds says Bart Parker, Mills Motorsports team manager. We did a quick overall check of tires and fueled up, then we sent them on there way. We felt great and we were making incredible time. We all know driver Taylor Mills picks the pack off one by one as soon as he hits his rhythm. What we didn’t know is when disaster would strike. One thing you never want to see on the tracker is 6178 traveling zero MPH and with safety always on our mind the team is concerned when news comes in that Taylor isn’t moving.


At race mile 89, a simple drivers error found Taylor high centered on a berm. Navigator Josh Huff stressed as we have seen and heard in the in truck go pro footage (which can be seen on our youtube channel) “Stay in the truck, we are still on the race course”. Taylor, eager to get back in the fight, is becoming stressed. His mind is on the time he is losing to the other trucks and how they can get moving.  Even with his competitive spirit tugging on his nerves he knows that safety is the first priority, so they wait till help arrives. Thankful Race Safely was on scene quickly to unstick our sticky predicament. We are so thankful for this crew who are out here helping us all stay safe. While we lost about 25 minutes of our time Taylor was still pushing it hard towards the finish line in hopes of making up as many positions as possible.


Pit 6 was our final pit stop and our job was to change both rear tires and fuel the truck. With another super smooth pit plan executed the truck rocketed back out onto the course. We had lost a few positions and, at this point, we were just hoping the truck and our crew would all make it safely to the finish line. The team set it’s sight on the finish to meet Taylor and Josh as they cross the line and wait for the dust to settle to see where we finished. By the time the crew made it to the finish the truck had already crossed the line. The truck was safe, the the crew was safe, and everyone was excited to finish after the early setbacks.  A top 10 finish would be our reward for the day and while we set out for a win, any time you cross the finish line with a healthy truck and healthy team its a good day!


As the final details arise from navigator Josh he says, he was smelling fuel the last few miles to go. Come to find out we had broken a fuel injector o-ring.  There was fuel dumping everywhere and we were just thankful it didn’t ignite on the red hot headers. We got lucky, really lucky. These are the dangers we go through, anything can happen at any single moment. For this reason, we will take our ending position to learn from our mistakes and head into our next battle with lessons learned and more knowledge than before.


We would like to thank Mr. Mills and everyone who stands beside us. Thank you for one hell of an adventure. We would also like to thank all of our sponsors: Rathole Drilling, BFGoodrich, Method Race Wheels, Geiser Bros, SDHQ, SteelIT, Fox, Baja Designs.