Race Recap: 2019 Mint 400 ” The Thrill We Live For “

March 10th, 2019.  The 2019 Mint 400 was a full week of anticipation as the Great American Off-Road Race is now a two day event with the unlimited vehicles now racing on Sunday instead of the normal Saturday start. While Saturday may be for the boys, the day we (and thousands of fans) had all been waiting for was indeed Sunday and Mills Motorsports would embark on a ride we won’t soon forget. After qualifying 12th Taylor Mills had some work to do, but work he did and was able to push it to 3rd on the road by the end of the first lap. In typical Mint 400 fashion the course was fast and rough and Taylor flung the Geiser Bros 6178 truck though a gauntlet of big whoops, flying debris, and enough broken race cars to fill a wrecking yard. This is racing, and this is the thrill we live for.


We would be lying if we said we had it all together race day. The Mills crew was running a little ragged with last minute preparations and making sure all boxes were checked before the Sunday afternoon start. Sometimes it just happens, we expect ourselves to always be 100% on top of our game, to make sure the driver and team have a flawless race. Although we weren’t as prepared as we normally like to be, after a few mistakes were made we pulled together as a team.  We did whatever it took to make sure driver Taylor Mills and navigator Josh Huff had what they needed for success. The pit crew was racing against the time and the race hadn’t even started yet, but it was a win after all for the pit crew as we handed them a truck that was ready and capable of winning. Now it was up to the boys to fight their own battle out on the race course.



Lap 1 and 2 were nothing less than exciting and the Mills Motorsports social media accounts were going insane. Taylor was picking off trucks one by one and the fan videos were flooding in. #6178 Taylor and Josh were in it to win it and nothing could stop their determination, not even a scheduled driver change that was supposed to happen. With momentum on their side and furious pace set, Taylor decided that he and Josh Huff would stay in the truck to the checkers. Hey, when you are just killing it out there you don’t stop! That’s exactly what Taylor didn’t want to do. The videos from our fans were so intense we didn’t need a tracker, we were being updated with every pass it seemed like. Live feeds, Mint 400 Media, and spectator views kept us up to date on the podium performance the Taylor was putting in on the track. You know when things are going this well with one lap to go you’re about to be tested, right? 


As we wait at the podium every truck we have seen pull in is just torn apart from the hood to the back fenders. The crew is refreshing the trackers every minute, a few stops noted moving at 0 mph but then refresh again and we are back to moving. It’s a gut dropping feeling!  As the first 6100 truck of Brock Heger pulls on to the podium with some major front suspension issues the reality of the race’s intensity sets in. Congratulations to the Method #6183 team for a hard fought first place. At this point we were unsure, are we 2nd or are we 3rd? As the next truck is coming into the short course track before pulling to the finish we all gasp… It’s not the Grabber Blue Mills truck.  Instead it’s the truck of Travis Chase, who we have battled all day, taking 2nd place. Shortly after comes Taylor Mills rolling on to the podium with a solid 3rd place finish and the truck looking just as it did before it took the green light. You just never know what’s going to happen out there. Our last lap was more than a test. It was a race against how fast the driver could dodge debris; A physical test of how fast the navigator can change 3 flats back to back and keep his energy. We are thankful the guys killed it. they fought hard all day long. The made it across the finish exhausted, but safe. This is what matters to us, our race family pulled it together and we finished the Mint 400 with a 3rd place finish. We will continue to do whatever it takes!


We would like to thank Mr. Mills himself for creating such an amazing race program and family. To our sponsors who also help make this happen: Rathole Drilling, BFGoodrich, Method Race Wheels, Geiser Bros, SDHQ, SteelIT, Fox, Baja Designs.