Meet The Crew

Gary Mills “BSD”

Owner Mills Motorsports

“Good Lord!” -Gary Mills

Mr. Gary Mills is a business-man but overall, a family-man! Texas born and raised, Mr. Mills is a true leader. He is the man that makes this team what it is. Teaching the crew respect and knowledge, he has great pride when it comes to Mills Motorsports. His two sons, Taylor and Nick, have not only showed him they can handle business but also take on the open desert. This is something Mr. Mills can do with his boys to create a family from the team. Mr. Mills says, “The one thing everyone always mentions to me is, ‘Mr. Mills, your team consists of the best people. Everyone is always so helpful and respectful,’ and that makes me absolutely proud.”

Bart Parker

Team Manager/ Lead Trophy Truck Prep

Born in Upland, California but has called Arizona home since the age of 9, Bart was searching for a new adventure, he wanted to leave his self employed life as a Hot Rod Shop Owner and Snap On Dealer for something a little more exciting. Not knowing what he was getting himself into, I think now he can say he found just that: joining Mills Motorsports on January 1st 2013. I asked Bart, “What are you good at? What is your roll at Mills? Where do you hope to see Mills Motorsports?” He responded, “I’d like to say I’m pretty good with anything I try to be good at. Not many guys can be the fabricator, prep mechanic, welder, tuner, and do all the electronics. I guess that’s why I lead the team. I hope to see Mills Motorsports where any leader would want to see there crew, at the top! I hope to see us on the podium each race we take on.” -Bart Parker


Andrew Pavolka 

Lead Trophy Spec 6100 Prep

Born and Raised in Tucson, Arizona, Andrew was destined to work in this industry. Andrew’s father, Shane, and his uncle started racing when Andrew was about 3 years old. Always involving Andrew in their racing, it became a lifestyle for him. When asked what his biggest goal was he said, “My goal in life is to be the best I can be no matter what field I am in.” Andrew has a main roll here at Mills Motorsports and says, “I feel like I have accomplished so much with the Mills in a short period of time. I came here the beginning of 2017 and I’m now lead prep for our Trophy Spec 6100 Truck. It feels good to know I have overcome so much and have been guided by the best here. I prep a truck that has top podium wins and that means a lot to me. Everything I do feels good in a sense, I have grown so much and that’s my biggest accomplishment.” – Andrew Pavolka


Daisy Keeme

Admin/ Marketing/ Logistics Specialists

Arizona is where Daisy has called home for the last 26 years, although she did say she hoped to reside in Texas one day. “It’s beautiful there, but that means I would have to step away from the team, so Arizona will remain home.” We asked what her role is with the team and how she started her journey in the off-road industry. “This team means everything to me. It’s definitely challenging as a female; I’m not as strong as these guys; I try to be though. I do a lot of everything: scheduling, social media, marketing, organizing, planning, then help out in the shop with whatever I can (I’m a mom here haha). Growing up, my dad had a huge influence on my life; I was always out hunting with him and working on our ranch. I learned how to drive while out on a hunt for a big buck; my dad thought he was on the trail of a giant as he said, ‘6×6.’ It was snowing and muddy all at the same time but I did it, probably too well for my age at the time: 10 years old. I think the adrenaline from the ride itself is what turned me on to this industry.”  – Daisy Keeme



Tom Leigh


Having an interest in photography since he was young, Tom, born in Phoenix, Arizona, didn’t start photography until his late 20’s. “From that point on I shot as many things as I could, but mostly, my subjects revolved around motorized vehicles. Nick [Mills] got me involved and I shot the 2013 Baja 1000 from a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective with Mills Motorsports and published a story of their race on and  After that, the Mills Motorsports guys asked me to shoot all of their races as staff photographer.” I asked Tom what he loved about shooting for Mills Motorsports and this is what he had to say: “Over the years, as I have grown with the Mills Motorsports team, I have formed a bond with the family and team members that goes beyond just a client relationship. These guys (and girls) have become close friends. More than that though, they have become my off-road family. My favorite part of shooting with Mills Motorsports is having the privilege of documenting so many adventures and life long memories for a family so close to my heart.” – Tom Leigh

Larry Pena 


“Down in south Texas, there is a town: San Antonio, ever heard of it? Its a town rich in culture, history, art and tacos. I’m proud to call San Antonio home. Go Spurs Go!” Larry is full of life and always excited to shoot. We wanted to know everything about his career and how he landed here. “The first photo-shoot was very nerve-racking, exciting and enjoyable at the same time. As soon as I was done with the session, I had a good feeling of, ‘this is what I want to do in life.’ It’s a passion that just keeps burning inside. I absolutely love what I do. I met Daisy out of shear coincidence and she invited me out to a race. Since we don’t have Trophy Truck racing in Texas, It was a shooting opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Shooting for Mills Motorsports is an absolute dream. I could not have fallen into a better team than Mills Motorsports. Family is always first and I am always greeted with a hug and a smile. We have an amazing crew and zen atmosphere, and no one is left behind. From the owner to the crew and volunteers, everyone is a teammate and not just another body. Capturing content for the Mills crew is definitely a blessing.”


Carter Bahde


“You’re a legend!” – Carter Bahde

When asked a few questions Carter got straight to the point, short answers but hes such a spunky so full of life character! He is always smiling and laughing he thinks everything and everyone is funny and “a legend” Carter says.

  • Where did you grow up? Hometown? “Lake Havasu City”
  • How did your first video shoot go? “Went incredibly smooth”
  • How did you get into the offroad industry? “Tommy Gun Images brought me along”
  • What do you like the most about shooting for Mills Motorsports? “All the action, hanging out of the helicopter, and how everyone treats each other like family. Gary Mills is a legend haha!”


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