Taylor Mills

Driver Taylor Mills #81 Trophy Truck  Photographer: Larry Pena

Taylor Mills, father, family man, adrenaline junkie, problem solver, is constantly looking for the next extreme sports high. A product of self made, hard working leaders and entrepreneurs, he works hard and plays harder.

Growing up in Texas, from elementary on through completion of high school, he participated in organized sports including football, motocross, surfing, shooting and traveling the country for factory-sponsored BMX racing.

After high school in 2001, he went to work for his father in the Mills family oil and gas business. Over the next decade he moved up in ranks to become VP of Operations at one of the family businesses. During this time, he never wavered from his adrenaline fixation. He moved from bicycles and dirt bikes to 100+ MPH powerboats, sky diving, 700 HP street cars, and eventually full blown off road racing.

In August 2009 he and his high school sweetheart Lauren, had a beautiful daughter, Kyelynn. His wife, knowing that adrenaline was in his blood, encouraged him to continue off road racing and follow his lust for competition.





                                 Nick Mills

Driver Nick Mills #6178 Trophy Spec Photographer: Larry Pena

Since his earliest years, Nick Mills has lived a high-horsepower life. Born in the town of Conroe, Texas, his youth consisted of free-style BMX, skateboards, and go-carts. As a teen he raced dirt bikes, ATVs and fell in love with powerboat racing. At only 22, Nick bought his first ultra-high performance 24 foot powerboat equipped with a 502 cubic inch big block. As a young man he built his own high-performance cars and competed in quarter mile drag racing.

Nick’s passion for motorsports is now split between desert racing and performance boating. When he’s not piloting his Geiser Spec Trophy Truck through the deserts of Baja, he drives his 1800 horsepower, 42 foot Fountain powerboat in national poker runs. These events help raise money for various charities that Nick is proud to support.

Nick’s family lives on North Padre island. When not behind the wheel of a high-horsepower vehicle, he enjoys surfing, waterskiing, kayaking and recreational shooting with his son.




                             Josh Huff

Navigator Josh Huff Photographer Larry Pena















                              James “Jello”

Navigator Jello #6178 Trophy Spec Photographer: Larry Pena

Born in Southern California, Jello, a family man, husband and father, happens to also be an outdoor enthusiast. He has traveled the world for work and has been in almost every continent except Antarctica and Australia. Being an outdoor enthusiast, Jello is also a big game hunter, surfer, rocker climber and mountaineer. Having many accomplishments, he takes pride in being a 12 year infantry combat veteran.

Jello joined the team in 2014. He started as the team’s flight medic and moved to full time navigator after he won the Baja 1000 in 2014 in class 8 with driver, Alan Roach.

Jello continues to grow within the team and his personal life achieving many goals in his outdoor activities. Currently, while Jello is not racing, he spends his time with his family and traveling around the world. His family is his biggest supporter in racing and any thing he puts his mind too.