About Mills Motorsports

In 2005 filmmaker Dana Brown released his documentary film Dust To Glory.  The film tells the story of the granddaddy of all desert races, the Baja 1000, and follows the ups and downs that a race team goes through in their quest to conquer the grueling race.  It was that film that was to become the catalyst for Nick and Taylor Mills and Tony MacNeil, three brothers from Texas, to get involved in desert racing. After seeing Dust to Glory and getting caught up in the romance and mystique of the Baja, the Mills boys and Tony decided this was just the kind of adventure they needed and TNT Racing was born. TNT, which stood for Taylor, Nick, and Tony, was a small team effort that the boys pulled together by pooling their funds and enlisting the help of friends and family in order to go racing in, what was then, the Super 8 class.

In early 2012 the Mills boys and Tony cut their teeth on some of the races offered by the Best In The Desert folks. It was a great way to learn the ins and outs of desert racing while keeping logistics simple by racing in the States.  They had bigger plans in mind though. After nearly burning their only race truck to the ground at the Bluewater 250 in Parker, AZ, the TNT team decided the best thing they could do would be to put the truck back together and race the longest single stage desert race in the world… The Baja 1000!  The Baja 1000 by it’s very nature is not a race to be taken lightly and by no stretch of the imagination is it something one should enter into without months of preparation and planning. In no way should you even think about running Baja with only one month to prepare… Tell that to a Texan!

Armed with their little Trophy Lite race truck and a jolly band of friends and family, the TNT team set out for the unknown on the sands of Baja. The Super 8 class only had one race that season and it was the Score Baja 1000. This meant a victory would bring with it a championship trophy to set on the mantle back home in Texas. So, with little support and overwhelming odds, the team started the 2012 Baja 1000. A little more than 1100 miles later the humble, but determined, team from Texas stood atop the podium as class winners and champions in their first ever Baja 1000.

The hook was set and Mills Motorsports was born.  Nick and Taylor’s father Gary Mills, seeing the way racing brought his family together, stepped in as team owner and Mills Motorsports now contends the Best In The Desert race series in both the Trick Truck and the 6100 class. What started as a humble team funded by three brothers out for a good time has become a full blown race effort with a state of the art 11,000 square foot race shop located in Mesa, AZ, the best race vehicles in the industry, and a full time race team comprised of veteran desert racers who do whatever it takes at every race.


When you see us at the races come say hi!  We are always excited to meet new fans and fellow racers out doing what we love!

Mills Motorsports

“Whatever it takes”